Yerdle helps leading brands develop re-use programs


Technology and customer demand are causing seismic change in the retail landscape. Millennials shop online and increasingly seek access, not ownership of items. Brands and retailers are disconnected from the sales of their items on third-party marketplaces. 

Yerdle helps companies implement turn-key technology and logistics systems to increase the utilization of their products. 


Getting more use out of each product you sell is usually the biggest step you can take to lower your environmental impact. 


The new secret to customer retention? Get a customer to pass on their item to a new customer in return for a gift certificate for their next purchase. Here's why it works: The new customer experiences your brand's quality at an entry-level price, and the existing customer has a reason to purchase their next quality item. 


Today your used items are sold in third-party marketplaces like eBay. You compete with their pricing for online sales, and they rarely promote your products correctly. Instead of ignoring the aftermarket, Yerdle helps companies facilitate used sales and trade-ins through our technology and logistics services. 

Yerdle provides industry-leading experiences in building recommerce programs for brands.


Yerdle helps you:

Build your recommerce program right into your existing website and apps.

Warehouse, evaluate, sort and post items.

Pick, pack and ship your items to customers.

Manage payments, returns and customer service. 

Maintain your brand standards.

Create environmental reports to share with your stakeholders.


By taking charge of your own recommerce program you deepen relationships with your customers. Yerdle can help you understand the use-cycle of your products. How often do customers use your product? What are the performance issues after the first-use? How does passing on a product to the next customer affect their buying behavior?

Yerdle is here to help you on your way. 


We look forward to discussing how we can help.