Yerdle Recommerce makes it easy for brands to buy back and resell used items.


We provide brands with the technology and logistics to develop white-label resale channels that take back control of the secondary market, deepening customer engagement and increasing profits.


By taking advantage of resale, brands take control of the growing secondary retail market – increasing profits, deepening customer engagement, and lowering their environmental impact.


We bring the resale expertise, to help design the ideal white label program, custom build technology and logistics that make it easy for brands to take back control of their products in the secondary market.


Yerdle Recommerce gives brands the power to:

Access the valuable secondary market and profit from resale;

Make it easier for customers to invest in high-quality items by buying them back;

Engage new customers who seek more affordable prices;

Create new ways to engage customers who sell back their items; 

Help the planet by participating in and advancing the circular economy.


We look forward to discussing how we can help.