Founded in 2012 as a California Benefit Corporation, Yerdle has been called a “sharing economy powerhouse” by Fortune Magazine for its innovative approach to recommerce. Yerdle works with leading brands to develop re-use programs that build customer loyalty, simplify logistics, and reduce waste. Yerdle began as a used goods marketplace, helping 950,000 members share more than 1.2 million items, from jackets to tents. Today, Yerdle members run the marketplace [LINK TO FB GROUP], and Yerdle’s staff team focuses on helping brands develop their own white label technology and logistics solutions for re-commerce.  

Yerdle CEO Andy Ruben spent 10 years at Walmart and served as their first ever chief sustainability officer. Seeing the opportunity to develop a new revenue model with an environmental benefit at its core, Ruben founded Yerdle along with former Sierra Club President Adam Werbach and ZipCar engineer Carl Tashian.


More than 25,000 items get shipped through Yerdle every month, and companies such as Levi’s and Patagonia have used it to distribute unsold merchandise.
— Time January '15
Yerdle now has more than 300,000 members, and is growing 30 percent month over month.
— Reuters May '15
[Yerdle] keeps products in exchange, it keeps them out of landfills.
— Fast Company November '14
New apps are helping people save money and [...] lower their environmental impact.”
— USA Today July '14